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Betting on Tennis

Overview For Tennis

Tennis has many popular events all year round offering punters many opportunities to wager. Some of the most popular events include Wimbledon, the US open, French Open and The Australian Open. These four events are also referred to the Grand Slam.

The game is played on various surfaces, with the many purists believing that the grass courts produce the best matches. Hard surface and Red Clay tennis courts (like the US Open and French Open respectively), does however produce a faster paced game because of the ball coming off the surface faster. For this reason many believe that some players are better suited for hard surfaces than for grass.

Men's tennis matches usually consist of the best of 5 sets, and women matches consisting of the best of 3. Sets are broken down into games. Each player is given the opportunity to serve for the game. If he or she wins the game during their opportunity to serve, it is said that they held serve. If they lose the game during their serve, then the other player is said to have broken serve. A set is won if a player has at least 6 games and two more than the opponent. If both players get to 6 games, then a tie-break is called. Tie-break scoring works differently, with the player to reach 7 points and 2 more than the opponent winning the tie-break. The winning player then wins the set 7-6.

Scoring during the games can be quite confusing! During a game both players start of at 0. The first point is 15, then 30 and finally 40. If both players have the same score of 40, it is then refered to as deuce. TThe player who then scores the next point goes to Advantage, and if he/she then scores another point, they win the game. If the other player scores, they both go back to deuce and the process repeats.

Common Bets for Tennis

Below are some common bets that can be made on tennis matches, but have at our article on "betting on tennis upsets", it could boost your wallet quite a bit!

  • Match Bet

    With this bet the punters wagers on a certain player to win or lose the match

  • Set Bet

    Here the punter wagers on a player to either win or lose a certain number of sets in the match

  • Games Bet

    Again the punter can wager on a player winning or losing a certain amount of games during the match.

Motor Racing

Betting on Motor Sport

Overview For Motorsports

Motorsports involve a whole range of sports that involve some form of motorised vehicles. Generally when we think of motor sports, then our thoughts wonder to rallys (like the Paris to Dakar), super bikes and of course Formula 1. Mention the name Michael Schumacher, and 99% of people will kno who you are talking about.

Motorsports has been around since the second vehicle came of the production line. Be it on 4, 2 or any number of wheels. Humans aren't called the human "race" for nothing after all!

The sport has come a long way since the first race was held, with improvements in safety being the major driving force. Just comparing racing cars from the previous year to the current year will leave a person flabbergasted at the amount of improvements and changes that are made so as to ensure the drivers safety. And the best to come out of these improvements is that most of them find their way into the normal everyday vehicles that are driven on our roads.

Common Bets on Motorsports

  • Race Win

    The punter places a wager on a driver to win the specific race

  • Season Win

    With this bet the punter places a wager as to which driver will be crowned champion at the end of the season. Usually better odds are given at the beginning of the season.

  • Constructors

    Betting doesn't only take place on the drivers, as wagers can also be placed on the team (constructors) that end the season with the most points.